The Mali empire was an empire in west Africa which existed between 1235-1600BC.It was comprised of modern day Senegal,Gambia,Guinea Concary and Guinea Bissau, South Mauritania, Burkina Faso and Ivory Cost.

That’s a total of seven countries , to say it lightly it was big. It was founded by a man called Sundiata Keita who was also called The Lion King . If the name sounds familiar well it didn’t originate from the Disney production first. The king did his best to unite al the small kingdoms to one large empire and was able to protect its self from attacks from Northern Africa

During the reign of Musa Keita is when Mali was recognized as one of the wealthiest empires in the world during its time. Late on Mansa Musa nephew of Musa Keita took over the throne after the previous King abdicated to go explore the world. The territory of the empire was rich in resources such as salt and gold which was very valuable at the time. When he built the city of Timbuktu and Gao he gained access to trade routes to the Mediterranean and west African cost which was valuable to the empire and enabled room for expansion. Being a Muslim he had the desire to travel to Mecca and so he took his pilgrimage to Mecca. These when the world knew of his riches. He is said to be the richest man who ever lived.

He had a caravan of camels streaching as far as the eyes could see. Ten of thousand of solders, civilians and slaves bearing gold staffs and dressed in fine silk. He also had the camels and horses carry abundant of gold plates. It is said that on his way he spent a large amount of gold giving to the poor, building mosques along the way and buying souvenirs that he destabilized the regions economy causing mass inflation. These journey took over a year and on his return his tales where spread all over the Mediterranean region that Mali and its King is included in the Catalan Atlas of 1375 which is like legendary status. Its one of the most important Maps of medieval Europe.

He went on to build The Djinguereber Mosque. In its place know is the Djenne mosque which is the largest mud mosque in the world. The whole community of Djenne takes part in the annual repair of the mosque during a festival called Crepissage de la Grand Mosquée. He build a University that attracted scholars around the region, schools , mosques and turned Mali into a densely populated town. It was until the French invaded and burned all of their literature and took the people as slaves.

The Kings legacy went on for many generations and to this day he is remembered in history books and museums