Known for its natural beauty and dramatic beautiful site. Its called the Garden island because 97% of the land composes of undeveloped mountain range and rainforest. Waimea canyon rivals in beauty with deep valley, sheer cliffs, waterfall and incredible colors. Want to drive some great waves? This is the island to visit, with both long-distance swells and waves, resulting from surrounding winds from all for sides of the landmass. Lush mountain coasts, world class snorkeling, secluded beaches and so much more, pack your bags and get here.

2 .Maui
It’s the second largest of Hawaiian Islands, with a reputation as a top world destination. It’s a mix of glorious sandy beaches, lush green valleys, volcanic landscapes, calm snorkel coves and some of the biggest surf able waves on Earth. With its unique, intoxicating charm, it a a perfect place for sunset watching, indulging in regional cuisine, walking along the beaches, feeling the sand which are in the colors of white, red and black on your feet. Watch the day break atop the 10,023 ft. Haleakala crater, take the whole day to experience the beauty and drive the back road of Hana, to experience a landscape that feels like the end of the Earth

3. Hawaii the big island
Home to lush jungles and two of the most active volcanoes. From crystal blue waters, snow- capped mountains, hidden waterfalls and green and black sand beaches, its an adventure’s paradise . The island is #1 tourist attraction and still grows everyday thanks to its incredible natural attractions, particularly the volcanoes, which continue to shape the landscape. Visit the Seahorse farm, take a helicopter tour over an active volcano, star gaze atop Mauna Kea at 14,000ft, tour a coffee plantation in Kona and so much more.

The most remote island perfect for secluded nature centric escape. Formally nicknamed pineapple island, its known for luxurious pampering, gourmet dining and unconventional outdoor activities like off-roading around the island, stop at Garden of the Gods, this is a rock garden formed by wind erosion, drive to Lopa beach for Kayaking and so much more. A home for people tired from the hustle and bustle of life looking for a simple way of living.

5.Honolulu – Oahu
Perfect for first time visitors with plenty of famous sites, top notch restaurants, colorful cultural events and wildlife showcasing the island as a gathering place of Hawaiian culture. The gorgeous scenery, aloha spirit, beautiful beaches and exciting activities make it the perfect place to relax and unwind. Visit Pearl Harbor National Memorial, learn about one of the most tragic events in human history, see some of the vibrant sunset on the planet, Kakaako district focuses on bohemian culture and promotion of arts and culture, different types of restaurant exist to cater to most palates. It’s the perfect blend of sun, sea and sand.