Travelling tips


1 Documentation

Make sure you have all your necessary credentials with you we don’t want to get stuck in a foreign country. For smooth sailing confirm and reconfirm your passport, visa and tickets for buses, trains and planes.

2. Travel Aid

Apart from your suitcase which should be as light as possible, have a backpack or fanny pack that is easy to carry when you are going around. Have the basic toiletries, probably some will be provided in the hotel you are at but it doesn’t hurt to be a little prepared.


We are looking for maximum relaxation, in that have mostly comfortable clothing that will allow you to go about the trip comfortably and shoes that will let your feet breath. Some cultures believe walking on the sand bare feet is good for your health.
Clothing should match with the kind of trip you are taking e.g. for the beach, you make sure you have your swimwear and a big blanket.

4.Health and medication

I f you suffer from diseases like diabetic or asthma ensure to carry the necessary medication .Carry your own medication like pain relievers, anti-allergy drugs, anti-bug spray. Sunscreen is a must have for the protection of your skin from UV rays and yes, all skin types are affected by the sun especially is your visiting tropical areas.


Phones are very important, they help in navigation, taking photos, communication and so much more.
After using your phone for like a day or two, I bet the phone will power off, that’s when your charger comes in handy.

6. Finances

Last but not least, make sure you have enough money for the trip so that you don’t find your self struct in foreign land and  the right currency before you begin your trip. Its convenient to make the exchange before the trip, we don’t want to have money problems in the middle of having fun.