1 Documentation

Make sure you have all your necessary credentials with you we don’t want to get stuck in a foreign country. For smooth sailing confirm and reconfirm your passport, visa and tickets for buses, trains and planes.

2. Travel Aid

Apart from your suitcase which should be as light as possible, have a backpack or fanny pack that is easy to carry when you are going around. Have the basic toiletries, probably some will be provided in the hotel you are at but it doesn’t hurt to be a little prepared.


We are looking for maximum relaxation, in that have mostly comfortable clothing that will allow you to go about the trip comfortably and shoes that will let your feet breath. Some cultures believe walking on the sand bare feet is good for your health.
Clothing should match with the kind of trip you are taking e.g. for the beach, you make sure you have your swimwear and a big blanket.

4.Health and medication

I f you suffer from diseases like diabetic or asthma ensure to carry the necessary medication .Carry your own medication like pain relievers, anti-allergy drugs, anti-bug spray. Sunscreen is a must have for the protection of your skin from UV rays and yes, all skin types are affected by the sun especially is your visiting tropical areas.


Phones are very important, they help in navigation, taking photos, communication and so much more.
After using your phone for like a day or two, I bet the phone will power off, that’s when your charger comes in handy.

6. Finances

Last but not least, make sure you have enough money for the trip so that you don’t find your self struct in foreign land and  the right currency before you begin your trip. Its convenient to make the exchange before the trip, we don’t want to have money problems in the middle of having fun.

1 Bali-Indonesia

It’s a perfect getaway for restful recuperation and adventure traveling. Bali has a multitude of undiscovered extraordinary sights; you will be amazed by these spectacular geological wonders. Live on a giant treehouse, in a safari lodge and on the edge of a cliff, infinity pools that spill from the edge of the cliffs into the ocean, impress your date in ultra-romantic restaurants, art is everywhere, from handmade floral decorations to local wood carvings, dine with the lions, enjoy drinks on a floating platform in the middle of the ocean. Glorious mountainous area with greenery, scenic lakes, gorgeous waterfalls, iconic rice fields, flower garden and secret canyons, paradise.


One of the worlds most vibrant, eccentric and beloved islands, ranked #13 of the safest country in the world, Japan is a must see. The Japanese people often leave their doors unlocked, children travel on the subway by themselves and people walk around the cities at night without worry. Pristine natural scenery, incredible food, efficient public transport, friendly people, festivals, a shopper’s paradise, castles, sumo sports, weird stuff like maid café, Sakura the arrival of spring it represents a time for renewal and optimism, Mt. Fuji and unique accommodations like the traditional Japanese ryokan.


Its ranked #6 of the safest countries, a small prosperous island with a safe and secure environment. The food is delicious and cheap, amazing nightlife, the city is very green, pretty good beaches, shoppers’ paradise, public transport is good and cheap, garden by the bay, a nature park with 3 waterfront gardens, Mount Faber Park that are good for kids, Art science museum’s unique architecture is lotus inspired, Helix Bridge inspired by DNA strand. In one of the cleanest cities in the world, let your inner child come out and play.

4. Taiwan

An island surrounded by turquoise water and charcoal coastline, one of Asia’s hidden gems when it comes to beach destinations. The food, the locals have a passion for street food, the people are friendly, the night markets are overwhelming and budget friendly stalls selling everything and anything, incredible temples, amazing scenery, hiking trails, unique hotels like the Bat Cave themed room and so much more.


Ranked #2 of the safest country, this unique little country is blessed with natural beauty by the acre. The midnight sun, the summer night is bright with 24hr daylight from mid-May to late July, best place on the planet to see the Northern lights, Icelandic geothermal baths, Thingvellir national park a must see because of its historical and geological significance, the black beaches, breathtaking natural scenery, waterfalls everywhere. The number of attractions packed into this country is very impressive and you can drive around the entire country in a week.


With its remarkable aurora display, beautiful forests and cozy cities, it’s a place that will take your breath away. Famed for being the happiest country in the world as well as having the best education system and cleanest air. Home to Santa Claus where you can enjoy a private chat with the jolly man. Exotic natural landscapes, kind and friendly people, beautiful architecture, fantastic National Park, skiing in powdery snow, unique dining experiences and Helsinki the capital city offers culinary experiences, great shopping, beautiful art, cultural history and outstanding architecture.

7. Switzerland

Its ranked #4 safest country, if you are a lover of history, nature and chocolate you will find plenty to keep you entertained. Amazing mountains, beautiful villages, scenic train rides, ski trips of a lifetime, a melting pot of culture and language, lakes, waterfalls, love cheese? With over 400 cheeses some having protected status, many of the worlds famous chocolate brands all started in Switzerland and ha been dubbed as” dark gold”, there is no better place than Lausanne and Zurich to party , there is a club for every age and taste.


Ranked #14 safest country, with historically famous citizens like Mozart, Strauss and Freud. Its famous for its castles, palaces and other architectural works. Breathtaking scenery, great music scene, one of the cleanest and greenest countries and the beautiful capital, Vienna with its immense beauty in every corner, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.


                 1. Change your currency to the local currency

You never know when you’re gonna need money to spend that does not take credit or debit card. It  may be for a taxi ride to tip someone having the local currency will be of use. If that is to hard make sure you tell your bank that you’re going to be traveling abroad if you don’t and you try to use your card in a foreign country it is going to reject the card and also cancel it, meaning you won’t be able to use it at all and you will have to get a  new card. Also, on the phone , ask them if they have any partner banks in the country that you’re going to so that if you have a debit card,  banks may have deals with international banks that you can use their ATM. And you actually won’t have a withdrawal fee. Also double check to see what kind of fees you’re going to incur if you use your debit or credit card internationally because the charges vary.

   2.Purchase power adapters

Different countries in Europe have different plugs, so to make sure that you find the plug for each of the countries that you’re going to be going also  make sure you get a couple of power adapters. Obviously, if you’re bringing any electronics with you, you’re gonna need to probably charge them or plug them in at some point. And if you don’t live in Europe or the UK, your plug isn’t gonna fit there. For example, if you go to the UK and then to Italy, you’re gonna have two different adapters. 

3. Get an international phone plan

If you want to use your phone abroad, you’re going to have to call up your mobile company and let them know that you wanna do this. Switching to an international plan for however long you’re going to be a white can be really expensive depending on your provider and what kind of phone you have, so that might not actually be the best option for you.

                                    4. Check on your reservation

St Paul's Cathedral

When travelling make sure to check all your reservations on time. If you can get your travel from the airport to your hotel sorted before you arrive, that’s just means it’s one less thing you have to worry about when you get off the plane all  tired and grumpy. So first check to see if your hotel offers an airport shuttle service if not there are some shuttle services that you might be able to book ,these applies to train tickets in advance as well. Also, when you have a look at those options, make sure you screenshot that so you can hold onto it just in case your first option of how you’re going to get to your hotel falls through, then you know other ways you can get there confirming your hotel or Airbnb reservation. Check in for your flight also. You can actually check in online  a lot of international flights 24 hours in advance and be able to snag some really good seats.

    5.Print out all necessary documentation

 All that stuff should be printed out and put into water prove envelope depending on where you’re going. You might need to present all that at border control once you get off the plane, but also it’s good to have all of it in paper, just in case you your phone dies or gets lost, you have everything with you

Make sure you make copies of your credit and debit cards and also your passport. The reason for this is that you want to have all of this stuff documented and you want pictures of it just in case anything gets lost or stolen. Don’t rely on just taking a photo on your phone, because if that gets stolen as well ,then you’re screwed

So be sure to check on these key things and you will most definitely enjoy your vacation to the many beautiful countries across Europe



10. Optimum  off road camper van

A sleek, stylish exterior and a modern, minimalist interior creates a perfect mixture of luxury and convenience. The interior has all the accoutrements you could wish for. An air conditioner club lounge bed converter, double bed, 3 burner stove and all the works. The interior also includes an on suite bathroom with a hot water shower, sink and swiveled toilet. So all your creature comforts are taken care of and for entertainment. The optimum has a 24 inch LED TV with a fury on 3300 sound system and Wi-Fi.


                       9 . 2021 4×4 Revel

The Revel comes in at nearly 20 feet long and is their top RV debut in 2021. It has two 125 amp hour batteries which are excellent for the hydronic heating system and ensuring that the two people the revel can sleep are as comfortable as possible. Underneath the power lift bed is a gear garage and next to that is the all-in-one gear closet and wet bath. The dinette has been redesigned with features to elevate comfort. While the interior is built to last a long time and be easy to clean.


    8. Nova Class B Motorhome

The Nova is a profound exclamation point to the end of their principle with a choice of two superb floor plans, you will undoubtedly be enriched. It has two 110 Watt solar panels 300.30 amp Power, 80 battery, 24 inch LED TV, and Wi-Fi are all equipped in the Nova. The kitchenette includes A2 burner, cook top and refrigerator for all your culinary needs and the wet bath contains a shower, toilet and water heater so that you can enjoy your comforts.

7. Rialta Luxury Sunliner Camper

The Rialta comes equipped with a 100 amp hour in House battery with an 80 Watt solar panel and regulator.  The fridge which comes in 21 or 26 gallons  A3 burner, stove top and microwave. The bathroom cubicle is where you’ll find the cassette toilet attached to the hot water. Service is the external shower. The realtor is also outfitted with a C and a diesel heater so that no matter where your wheels take you, you’ll be able to fully enjoy your stay.

6. 2021 Loef Camper Van

The Loef comes equipped with an  outdoor ceramic grill , outdoor shower and minibar. The interior also has its own. Plus is the least of which is the seating area that can host 10 and be converted to a sleeping area for four. The kitchen has a four burner stove with an integrated oven, a fridge with a freezer and the sink to keep it all clean. That comfort extends through the inside and out, and that includes the bathroom. Like his set toilet has an electric flush. The mirror is equipped with lighting and the shower area can be converted in a few simple steps.

5.  Interstate Nineteen Touring Coach

This 19 foot camper band concede four and sleep up to two comfortably. Having one floor plan  ensures a quality experience. It has the largest bed in its class and other comforts such as air conditioning and a generator controlled on the Multiplex control and monitor. Two 100 amp hour batteries help control the features like the powered awning, you can enjoy abundant hot or cold water in both the kitchen and bathroom and the kitchen. Features a countertop sink, microwave, ultra-leather seating and an LED TV.

4. SS Agile Passenger Coach

SS Agile has an excellent use of interior space, ease of driving and loads of safety features. The camper van pairs nicely with the similarly elegant and modern interior. Atop the SSN child is the 3324 watts our air conditioning. Also, outside is a shower, 330 watts of solar and a retractable power awning. The interior is roomy enough to seat five and sleep up to three. With the optional folding mattress. The galley features A2 burner, propane stove, stainless steel sink and 3.1 cubic feet, Refrigerator and microwave. The permanent bathroom is spacious with a marine toilet and stand up or sit down shower.

3. 2021 Swift Select

The select panel van comes with a slew of features such as cab, air conditioning and identification system to ward off theft and thermally insulated windows. You will find a modern, wider interior scheme throughout the living area. Lounge seats flanked the main table with rotating leaf ext. and a second table near the rear. The kitchen is stocked with all the essentials A3 burner, gas hob, stainless steel sink and a waste bin. The washroom is located close by and has a mirrored vanity cupboard shower mixer with retainer, cassette, toilet and the roofline.

2.  Irok 2021 – 2022

Standard features for this Immaculate piece of tack include a 28 gallon freshwater tank and rooftop solar panel .The kitchen, equipped with a refrigerator, induction cook, top microwave and removable dinette table. Then you have clearly seen this one before that’s no surprise. The Irok is a beauty and the comforts are aplenty as well. A large shower with a sink in a porcelain toilet comprised the restroom and for a Modern Family with modern needs, there’s an LED smart TV with an HD digital antenna and Wi-Fi.

1. American Patriot Luxury Motor Coach

If you get the American patriot you will have a selection of 6 diverse and fulfilling floor plans,  it also has a 5.8 kW AC, 320 watts of solar, Cable TV input, an outdoor shower and upgraded sumo suspension or just some of the standard exterior features. A simple glance inside and you will see a beautiful interior outfitted with a small kitchenette with the sink and cook top. The microwave said to above the refrigerator across from the galley, overhead cabinets are found above the lounge area. The living space can also be converted for sleeping and the bathroom has a shower sink and porcelain toilet.

        1 Kenya

The country receives millions of visitors in a year, majorly due its most established safari industry and also its beautiful coastline. Nairobi the capital city has a national park in the middle of the city, which also Has an animal orphanage.


If you want to experience the Big five that include lion, leopard ,rhino, elephant and buffalo. Last but not least get to see the world largest animal migration, the Wildebeest migrations at the Mara , its magnificent.

    2 Rwanda

Though it has a horrific past, it has risen from the unfortunate past and come up as one of the most developed and beautiful countries. Known as the land of a thousand hills, the scenery is breathtaking good place for hiking and nature walks.


The land is filled with diverse wildlife, living in the volcanoes, rainforest and the plains. It has a rich culture and the people are pleasant. Its also a bird watchers paradise with over 650 species of birds. Rwanda is home to Lake Kivu, one of central Africa’s best beach. The lake is 18th deepest lake on the planet.

 3 Botswana

Kalahari desert, its parks provide sanctuary to , antelopes, elephants , giraffe , many bird species and predators roaming the land. The country is committed to environmental conservation, it’s a world leader in Eco-tourism. Okavango delta is a must go, see the unique wildlife and vegetation and experience the water-based safaris. Has one of the best sunsets, unwind as your watch the sun go down with its yellow and orange rays covering the sky .


4 Mauritius

Its a tiny Indian ocean island, located east of Madagascar, with one million population. Has a huge mix of communities who live in perfect harmony.


Its cuisine is diverse and unique with influences from, Africa, Asia, India, French. Has over 500 species of plants, including giant water lilies. Has a unique wildlife, with giant tortoise and pink pigeons. It boosts of manmade attractions and amazing water sports.

5 Namibia

Its famous for star gazing. awesome road trips , safaris and adrenalin pumping activities like sky diving. It’s the second least densely populated county in the world, which is a good destination for yoga retreats , to rejuvenate and get away from the hustle and bustle.


6 Morocco

Its has beautiful beaches, desert and two major mountain ranges, the Rif mountain in the north and the Atlas mountain in the middle of the country.


Its known as one of the tolerant Arab nations, its peaceful and stable. The people are known for their warm hospitality and friendly nature. The country has a rich culture showing different architectural styles. Its also a very affordable traveling destination.

7 Lesotho

It’s a land locked country with a mountainous landscape which is good for hiking and horse riding.


Has the longest commercially operated single drop abseil in the world for the daring at heart. Its has crystal clear water and lush green pastures for livestock. It’s the only country in the world that is above 1000m , its named the Kingdom in the sky.

Amazing Travel Tips

The gorgeous countryside
The gorgeous countryside

1. Phuket

Its cool dry weather and calm water in December makes it the best month to visit. Spend most of your time sunbathing, swimming, kayaking, surfing, scuba diving and many more. Its laid back island life , luxurious resorts, some of the most fragrant, flavor packed cuisine, natural beauty with much of the island covered in lush rainforest, panoramic views and many more will keep you coming back again and again.

2. Rio de Janeiro

The weather is warm and sunny to enough to hit the beaches. Experience Reveille Carnival, a popular new year eve celebration on Copacabana beach drawing in millions of people annually, with its music, dancing and fireworks. See the iconic landmark recognized as one of the Seven wonders of the world, Christ the Redeemer, Jardim Botanica a serene garden , a botanical paradise with over 6,000 indigenous and exotic flora species, Tijuca National Park the largest urban rain forest on the planet, revel in samba at Lapa which ignites at night and many more.

3.Hawaii the big Island

The beginning of December is the best time to visit, prices are low and crowds don’t arrive until the holidays. Though it’s the wettest month of the year, most of the rain tend to fall at night. Trade frozen fingers and low temperatures for swim suits, umbrella drinks, flip flops and much more. Enjoy festive fare such as poke, sashimi, turkey and fruitcake. Take the spectacle Christmas parade in Lahaina. A perfect Christmas full of sand, good weather, good food and sunny days.


Has superb skiing and snowboarding conditions, with quite a pleasant weather for Canadian winter. Enjoy the local brew at Banff craft beer festival, explore the classic holiday drink mixed with creativity at Banff’s Hot Chocolate Trail. Check out scenic restaurants, with hearty, comforting foods. Soak yourself in the historic Upper Hot Springs, relax and unwind.

5. Quebec City

Its easy to fall in love with this Canadian city, with its sights and sounds transform into a Christmas village. During this month the city’s social calendar is booked solid with festivals. Colorful lights, wooden kiosks, smells of cinnamon, ginger bread and sausages. The best way to explore the heart of the city is on foot, the streets are well lit, a gorgeous snowcapped castle over looking the icy Saint Lawrence River and snow cover cobblestone streets make it look like you are in something out of a fairytale.

6.Park City

During ski season, some of the towns top resorts open. Winter enthusiasts will love this destinations with activities such as skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, snowmobiling and many more. Traditional horseback riding, shop along historical main street, go fly fishing, indulge in a spa treatment, to calm and center yourself try stand up paddleboard yoga.


Visiting in this month means you will enjoy comfortable tropical weather and fewer showers. One of the most anticipated activities is the Madinat Jumeirah Festive Market, visitors enjoy live music, traditional food and drinks. La Mer is the ultimate beach and shopping destination, has one of the best waterparks, you can go jet skiing, flyboarding, paddle boarding and so much more. Burj Khalifa is a must see, the observation deck are on levels 124 and 125, not for the faint of heart. Desert safari, miracle garden with over 50 million flowers and 200 million natural plants. Dubai is famous for ladies’ night out with benefits of free drinks and free entry.

8. Jackson hole

This 50-mile-long Wyoming valley, is the point of entry to the beautiful Grand Teton National Park and Yellow stone National Park which are a magnet for nature lovers. Snowshoeing, dog sledding tours, snowmobiling, sleigh rides snow tubing are some of the activities to plan for. It’s a perfect winter playground for both adults and kids.


For a fun festive winter vacation, the city turns into a winter wonderland, with Christmas markets selling everything from ornament to toys. With its rich culture and welcoming atmosphere, its perfect if you want to enjoy a quite winter holiday. Visit the Prague Castle with over 70 stalls selling hot foods and drinks, don’t forget to try the popular Lanugos , see the lights on Charles Bridge, go skiing, catch a holiday performance, relax in a sauna and improve your health and wellness.


The weather sees very warm temperatures and lots of sunshine, the sublime weather attracts hordes of tourist. Feel the beautiful Caribbean breeze as it welcomes you to this paradise vacation. With sapphire waters, sun soaked sands and Junkanoo Festival, a world class celebration of culture. Go for snorkeling, diving, sun bath in the beautiful beaches and let go of all your worries.

1 Book your ticket early

.When travelling The best time to buy them is about 7 weeks before the trip. If you miss that window, you still have a chance to save, since prices can change at any time, sign up for email alerts. 

2 Never buy a ticket on Sunday

Never buy tickets for Sunday. It’s the most expensive day to fly and choose a day like Tuesday which  is the most suitable day because that’s when new offers appear.

3 Clear your cookies or search while incognito

When you search for certain tickets before travel sites save this data and then only show you seemingly tempting offers compared to what you saw earlier. But there’s still more expensive than they should be. You can avoid this by using Incognito mode. That way your cookies are hidden from the site you’re browsing


4 How to check-in quickly

When you’re waiting at the security checkpoint, find the line where the business looking people are standing. They are obviously more frequent travelers and they get through security way faster.

5 Getting served by flight attends

Book a seat either in first class or at the back of the plane. Flight attendants seem to be more likely to ignore passengers seated in the middle of the plane because they are more held up with first class passengers because they paid more and passengers at the back because the are near them.

5 Getting dizzy during flights

During long flights most people tend to get dizzy. It’s because the pressure makes the blood travel away from your brain and gather at your legs. Where compression socks to prevent this and don’t forget to pack a tennis ball . You can roll it under your foot or on your back for a much needed midflight massage.

6.Loosing your luggage

Losing your luggage at the airport is very common. To avoid these don’t forget to customize your luggage with ribbons stickers, colorful duct tape anything that’ll make it stand. You could also  mark your luggage as fragile when checking it in the 1st place. It won’t end up on the bottom of all the other suitcases so it’ll come out first.

7.Best eating place in the airport and exit point

Now, the best way to find an exit in the airport or a place to eat is to follow the flight crew. Those guys surely know where it’s tasty and cheap to grab a bite and how to get out of the building as quickly as possible. Just don’t look creepy and avoid putting on a stalker vibe so that they don’t call the police on you.


8.Neck and back pain

Always pack a pillowcase with you just in case the flight is delayed or your ride to your hotel is delayed by traffic accidents or even just nature. You have a place to lay your head and be more comfortable.

9.Strech and do some exercises after a flight

After a long flight try to do a bit of exercises and take a shower it will help you gain energy. Its not as  impossible as it sounds. It’ll help shake off all those negative after flight effects and you won’t mess up your sleep schedule. It doesn’t have to be anything intense. Some simple stretching will do the trick.