1 Book your ticket early

.When travelling The best time to buy them is about 7 weeks before the trip. If you miss that window, you still have a chance to save, since prices can change at any time, sign up for email alerts. 

2 Never buy a ticket on Sunday

Never buy tickets for Sunday. It’s the most expensive day to fly and choose a day like Tuesday which  is the most suitable day because that’s when new offers appear.

3 Clear your cookies or search while incognito

When you search for certain tickets before travel sites save this data and then only show you seemingly tempting offers compared to what you saw earlier. But there’s still more expensive than they should be. You can avoid this by using Incognito mode. That way your cookies are hidden from the site you’re browsing


4 How to check-in quickly

When you’re waiting at the security checkpoint, find the line where the business looking people are standing. They are obviously more frequent travelers and they get through security way faster.

5 Getting served by flight attends

Book a seat either in first class or at the back of the plane. Flight attendants seem to be more likely to ignore passengers seated in the middle of the plane because they are more held up with first class passengers because they paid more and passengers at the back because the are near them.

5 Getting dizzy during flights

During long flights most people tend to get dizzy. It’s because the pressure makes the blood travel away from your brain and gather at your legs. Where compression socks to prevent this and don’t forget to pack a tennis ball . You can roll it under your foot or on your back for a much needed midflight massage.

6.Loosing your luggage

Losing your luggage at the airport is very common. To avoid these don’t forget to customize your luggage with ribbons stickers, colorful duct tape anything that’ll make it stand. You could also  mark your luggage as fragile when checking it in the 1st place. It won’t end up on the bottom of all the other suitcases so it’ll come out first.

7.Best eating place in the airport and exit point

Now, the best way to find an exit in the airport or a place to eat is to follow the flight crew. Those guys surely know where it’s tasty and cheap to grab a bite and how to get out of the building as quickly as possible. Just don’t look creepy and avoid putting on a stalker vibe so that they don’t call the police on you.


8.Neck and back pain

Always pack a pillowcase with you just in case the flight is delayed or your ride to your hotel is delayed by traffic accidents or even just nature. You have a place to lay your head and be more comfortable.

9.Strech and do some exercises after a flight

After a long flight try to do a bit of exercises and take a shower it will help you gain energy. Its not as  impossible as it sounds. It’ll help shake off all those negative after flight effects and you won’t mess up your sleep schedule. It doesn’t have to be anything intense. Some simple stretching will do the trick.


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