1 Kenya

The country receives millions of visitors in a year, majorly due its most established safari industry and also its beautiful coastline. Nairobi the capital city has a national park in the middle of the city, which also Has an animal orphanage.


If you want to experience the Big five that include lion, leopard ,rhino, elephant and buffalo. Last but not least get to see the world largest animal migration, the Wildebeest migrations at the Mara , its magnificent.

    2 Rwanda

Though it has a horrific past, it has risen from the unfortunate past and come up as one of the most developed and beautiful countries. Known as the land of a thousand hills, the scenery is breathtaking good place for hiking and nature walks.


The land is filled with diverse wildlife, living in the volcanoes, rainforest and the plains. It has a rich culture and the people are pleasant. Its also a bird watchers paradise with over 650 species of birds. Rwanda is home to Lake Kivu, one of central Africa’s best beach. The lake is 18th deepest lake on the planet.

 3 Botswana

Kalahari desert, its parks provide sanctuary to , antelopes, elephants , giraffe , many bird species and predators roaming the land. The country is committed to environmental conservation, it’s a world leader in Eco-tourism. Okavango delta is a must go, see the unique wildlife and vegetation and experience the water-based safaris. Has one of the best sunsets, unwind as your watch the sun go down with its yellow and orange rays covering the sky .


4 Mauritius

Its a tiny Indian ocean island, located east of Madagascar, with one million population. Has a huge mix of communities who live in perfect harmony.


Its cuisine is diverse and unique with influences from, Africa, Asia, India, French. Has over 500 species of plants, including giant water lilies. Has a unique wildlife, with giant tortoise and pink pigeons. It boosts of manmade attractions and amazing water sports.

5 Namibia

Its famous for star gazing. awesome road trips , safaris and adrenalin pumping activities like sky diving. It’s the second least densely populated county in the world, which is a good destination for yoga retreats , to rejuvenate and get away from the hustle and bustle.


6 Morocco

Its has beautiful beaches, desert and two major mountain ranges, the Rif mountain in the north and the Atlas mountain in the middle of the country.


Its known as one of the tolerant Arab nations, its peaceful and stable. The people are known for their warm hospitality and friendly nature. The country has a rich culture showing different architectural styles. Its also a very affordable traveling destination.

7 Lesotho

It’s a land locked country with a mountainous landscape which is good for hiking and horse riding.


Has the longest commercially operated single drop abseil in the world for the daring at heart. Its has crystal clear water and lush green pastures for livestock. It’s the only country in the world that is above 1000m , its named the Kingdom in the sky.


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