1. Change your currency to the local currency

You never know when you’re gonna need money to spend that does not take credit or debit card. It  may be for a taxi ride to tip someone having the local currency will be of use. If that is to hard make sure you tell your bank that you’re going to be traveling abroad if you don’t and you try to use your card in a foreign country it is going to reject the card and also cancel it, meaning you won’t be able to use it at all and you will have to get a  new card. Also, on the phone , ask them if they have any partner banks in the country that you’re going to so that if you have a debit card,  banks may have deals with international banks that you can use their ATM. And you actually won’t have a withdrawal fee. Also double check to see what kind of fees you’re going to incur if you use your debit or credit card internationally because the charges vary.

   2.Purchase power adapters

Different countries in Europe have different plugs, so to make sure that you find the plug for each of the countries that you’re going to be going also  make sure you get a couple of power adapters. Obviously, if you’re bringing any electronics with you, you’re gonna need to probably charge them or plug them in at some point. And if you don’t live in Europe or the UK, your plug isn’t gonna fit there. For example, if you go to the UK and then to Italy, you’re gonna have two different adapters. 

3. Get an international phone plan

If you want to use your phone abroad, you’re going to have to call up your mobile company and let them know that you wanna do this. Switching to an international plan for however long you’re going to be a white can be really expensive depending on your provider and what kind of phone you have, so that might not actually be the best option for you.

                                    4. Check on your reservation

St Paul's Cathedral

When travelling make sure to check all your reservations on time. If you can get your travel from the airport to your hotel sorted before you arrive, that’s just means it’s one less thing you have to worry about when you get off the plane all  tired and grumpy. So first check to see if your hotel offers an airport shuttle service if not there are some shuttle services that you might be able to book ,these applies to train tickets in advance as well. Also, when you have a look at those options, make sure you screenshot that so you can hold onto it just in case your first option of how you’re going to get to your hotel falls through, then you know other ways you can get there confirming your hotel or Airbnb reservation. Check in for your flight also. You can actually check in online  a lot of international flights 24 hours in advance and be able to snag some really good seats.

    5.Print out all necessary documentation

 All that stuff should be printed out and put into water prove envelope depending on where you’re going. You might need to present all that at border control once you get off the plane, but also it’s good to have all of it in paper, just in case you your phone dies or gets lost, you have everything with you

Make sure you make copies of your credit and debit cards and also your passport. The reason for this is that you want to have all of this stuff documented and you want pictures of it just in case anything gets lost or stolen. Don’t rely on just taking a photo on your phone, because if that gets stolen as well ,then you’re screwed

So be sure to check on these key things and you will most definitely enjoy your vacation to the many beautiful countries across Europe


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